My Office Today

My Office Today


I feel very lucky sometimes as a piano technician to enjoy a few perks that most other professions don’t. Alongside being able to set my own schedule, one of the biggest fringe benefits of my job is that the view from my office changes every day.

The roof garden of the Ronald McDonald House

I get to see some interesting, diverse and sometimes exotic places that most people never get to see. 


Like tuning unisons while overlooking Lake Michigan from the 42nd floor of a highrise on a sunny day, 


or watching the sun set through stained glass windows,


or listening to octaves in the acoustic stillness of a recording studio,




or admiring an amazing collection of original works by the masters while demonstrating a freshly tuned piano in the living room of an art dealer,



or feeling the tingle of excitement in the air as you make sure everything is perfect before a concert, or being alone on the set of a musical just before the audience comes in.

I often purposely tease new acquaintances by telling them that sometimes I go to church several times a day. People’s eyes get wide when I say that. “You go to church that often?” As if to imply that their whole impression of me was about to need to change, because they never realized that I’m so pious.

“Yes”, I reply, “I’m in church more often than most clergy members. I could be Catholic, Presbyterian and Jewish all in one day.”


They usually get all quiet for a few seconds, until they grin when they realize the reason I go so often.




Of course some places I go to are a little less reverent...









and some more grand,









And some downright festive.

Yes, I feel very lucky. I hope you enjoy the view from your office too, wherever it may be!

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!