Rental Pianos
Currenty available

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Lease and Learn

  • For parents, who want to see if their child will enjoy taking piano lessons but aren't ready to buy yet

  • For college and other students, who need a piano for a few years

  • For people who want a piano for a few years at low monthly rates

  • For anyone who loves the sound of a piano in their home

How it Works

Just choose your piano, complete the paperwork, and we'll have the piano delivered to you so you can start playing. 

Easy Terms

  • Minimum 6 month rental. Rent as long as you like

  • All pianos are reconditioned quality consoles or studio uprights

  • Rent to own - Apply 100% of the first 6 months rental towards the purchase of the piano

  • The montly rent is fixed during the entire term of the rental contract

  • The first tuning is free!

  • Spread the moving costs over the first 6 months rental payments

  • Automatic monthly Visa or MasterCard payment


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